Two Type of Fragrances

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Before we get into why some men will choose an unscented or scented beard care product, let’s talk about the differences between the two type of fragrances that are used to make the product smell a certain way. The two different type of fragrances are Synthetic and Natural.

Synthetic Fragrance: Are derived from artificial sources and these tend to be stronger, but they are also more likely to irritate your skin depending on how strong the fragrance tends to be. Some men tend to also be more sensitive to synthetic products and they can be quite harsh on the skin and facial hair.

Natural Fragrance: Are derived from plant-based ingredients in which they are essential oils and botanical extracts. They are considered superior to our skin and facial hair and men seem to tolerate they much better because they are less over-powering with scent. Also, with plant-derived fragrances it helps benefit the skin and hair because they are often loaded with nutrients and healing properties that come from the plant compounds

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