The Growing Stages Of A Beard

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As a young boy you always saw men with hair on their face and maybe you wondered what that was all about. Thought I wonder how easy it is to grow something that fabulous and as you got older you tried growing a beard and figured out that the stages it went through were harder than you thought and gave up after week two because you thought it looked ridiculous.

To make growing a beard easier, here are the first 4 weeks of beard growing and what could expect at the different stages of the beard game. Knowing a little knowledge can go a long way in helping you grow the beard of your dreams and avoid getting the razor out when it gets to the stage of itchiness and dryness.

The First Week: The start of the growth
Will probably be the hardest as it will look like you have not shaved in a few days. The stubble will be there, and your face is going to look a little dirty. Confidence and sharing information will be key in this stage of growing your beard. Considering your beard probably does not look like much in the beginning. You may need to share with your employer in case it’s not allowed in the work place, as well with your spouse to make sure your new beard isn’t going to cause an issue.

Second Week: The Not So Fun Stage
You thought week one was rough, just wait until this week. Your new beard is coming in and your face might be itchy or hot. You will get the temptation to scratch your face but resist it, as it will just make everything worse, because by scratching it, your skin will get red and dry and will start growing bumps and it is not a good look. You may want to get new products for your beard such as a beard conditioner or beard oil. These products will help soften the new hair as well as soothe your face.

Third Week: The Awkward Stage
While your beard is growing in, you might notice that it’s not growing in as nicely as you thought it would. It begins in stages that are all patchy and you may notice it more, but the rest of the people in the world probably does not even notice. You must remember that hair does grow at different rates. So, do not give up on your beard.

Fourth Week: The Fun Stage
Finally you are at the fun stage in growing the magnificent beard, it is where most men finally begin to see the shape of their beard. Now it is the best time to pick the style of your beard. You may want it to look natural or something more refined? If you are having troubles figuring out what kind of style you want the internet is the best way to go because you can search the different beard styles. So do some surfing if you aren’t sure on your personal beard style.

At the end of the fourth week beard growing period, you will now have a beard you can work with whether its nice and refined or the wizard beard you have always dreamed of. But if your beard is long its time to get the equipment you need to keep that beard in shape like a good pair of scissors because you will need to trim it every 1-2 weeks. Also, a good beard shampoo will help with keeping it nice and clean.

Most men who grow them enjoy them as do their significant others. But a beard is an investment of time and money. It can give a man a whole new look the same way make-up can change the looks of a woman.

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