The 5 O'Clock Shadow

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Everyone loves that five o’clock shadow because it has the way of being incredibly attractive, but is there such a thing of it being to much of a good thing? While some men try to achieve that perfect stubble look, most of the other men are trying to get rid of it. Despite people loving the Five O’clock shadow look not every guy likes having a rough face, and having shaving everyday.

After you shave and you see the stubble appearing just hours after you shave, it might be time to reconsider your habits. While men’s facial hair grows at a different pace.

Ways to Minimize the Appearance and Growth of Stubble

#1: Your Shaving Habits

You must make sure that you are using a sharp razor blade, or that could be your first problem with your stubble growing back so fast. Also using a high quality, one will help. If you are not using a sharp razor blade you might not be getting nearly as close to a shave as you think you are Immediately after shaving, with your skin feeling smooth enough, it just might not be enough and within a few hours, you guessed it  that stubble will start reappearing.

So, if you have not already, please invest in a quality razor it may be more expensive but at least you will not have to keep going out and buying new blades every week and spending more money than you actually think you are.

#2: Moisturizing and Exfoliating

You are probably thinking that maybe the issue of your five o’clock shadow is not the growth of it but in fact it is the condition that your facial hair is in. If you do not keep your beard area exfoliated and moisturized, you are going to get those hairs that are going to be much more prominent. So, make sure you buy the good quality beard oils and products.

Moisturizing and Exfoliating will help kill all the dead skin cells around your face/ beard area,

If You Are Tired of the Five O’clock Shadow These Few Suggestions Should Help You Out

Whether your five o’clock shadow is caused by poor grooming habits. There are things that you can do to it. And it will not be long until you can you enjoy soft, smooth skin well into the evening hours.

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