Is Chlorine Bad For Your Beard?

beard beard care chlorine swimming

 Let’s be honest, summer is probably one of the best seasons out of the four that we have and when that time comes everyone loves to go swimming. Everyone breaks out their swimsuits and spends the days soaking up the sun. However, if you are a gentleman who is rocking the beard, here are so some important details we should know before jumping into a chlorinated pool.

Your either going to be at your friend's pool or a large pool at the local swim club, in actuality you are most likely going to expose your beard to some harsh chemical that can be damaging on your delicate facial hair.I f you want to sustain a healthy beard that will grow, it is simply you must  rinse your beard after getting out of the pool. This will protect your beard against all kinds of problems.

The chemicals in chlorine can be capable of stripping the sebum from your hair which is an oil that the skin produces so it keeps your hair lubricated and healthy. Therefore, your beard may be dry and brittle over the months if you go swimming a lot and do not rinse your beard after you finish.

Chlorine can also interfere with the growth of the hair and can damage the follicle itself, which causes the hair to stop growing. From rinsing the chlorine after you have gone swimming it will prevent it from fully absorbing into the hair follicle. So use beard oils and beard balms to help continue to grow your beard as if you never went swimming and the health and appearance of your facial hair depends on it.

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