Here are 15 Different Types Of Beard

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1) Circle Beard&Goatee- Is also sometimes known as a ‘’Circle Beard “, in which the goatee is formed by a chin patch and a moustache. By using a trimmer to define the goatee shape, then using gentle stroke to shave the remaining parts of your face clean.

 2) Van Dyke Beard- A is a full goatee with detached moustache. Just disconnect your chin beard from the moustache and leaving the skin around your soul patch as smooth as it can get.

 3) Balbo Beard- is without sideburns but with a well trimmed, floating moustache. It leaves hair fuller on the chin while keeping the sides nice and cleaned with an angled shave along the cheekbones

 4) Mutton Chop Beard- Long sideburns that connect to a moustache form the traditional.

 5) Chin Strip- A is a vertical line of hair across the chin.

 6) Royale Beard- A moustache anchored by a chin strip.

 7) Petite Beard- A is a small beard that elongates the chin.The only difference between this and a goatee is you are removing the moustache.

8) Chin Strap Style Beard- Is a beard with no moustache that circles the chin. When you want to style the chin strap, start with trimming the neck area, but do not go too high, because you want the beard to extend just below the chin line.

 9) Soul Patch -A soul patch is the small patch of hair in which it is underneath the centre of your lower lip.

10) Hipster Beard- Full beard that can be a great way to make a bold statement with you look.

11) Gunslinger Beard and Moustache- It has flared sideburns that is paired with a horseshoe moustache. It almost looks like the classic mutton chops, except it adds a little extra flair to it. But just be sure to keep the hair shorter on your neck and cheeks.

12) 3-Day Stubble Beard- It’s a ‘’scruffy’’ looking beard and you can get this look but simply trimming it down and keeping the hair shorter on the neck and cheeks.

13) Anchor Beard- It traces the jawline and Is paired with the moustache. When trying to achieve this look makes sure you define its shape before you start to shave the rest of your face clean.

14) Short Boxed Beard- Has neatly trimmed sides and is thin. To maintain this look use your beard trimmers to make clean lines on the underside of the jaw so that the beard can wrap around but just slightly.

15) Goatee Without A Moustache- Is a small beard that is on the chin. Its almost like the circle beard, but a goatee without the moustache.

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