Having Troubles Growing A Beard?

So, you are finally at that age that you can start growing a beard but for some reason it is not working but you can not figure out why. All your friends are the same age as you and can grow that luscious beard no problem. So, you wonder why and finally go to the doctor and realize you have a skin condition but even with that it will not stop you from growing that beard it just might take some work. Here are a few steps you can do to make sure your beard is clean and healthy.

You should first moisturize; it will make sure you beard hair and skin underneath is nice and moisturized which is key to make sure that you grow a beard. But the main reason you should moisturize is because it can also help with the symptoms of the skin issues that you are having in the first place. They recommend that you use beard oils and or balms. But you can also use a lotion as well. When using those products, you only need little of the product and you want to run your hands down the side of your beard and then the same with the front. Once you do that you will want to bring both of your hands back up through the bottom of your beard this will help make sure the skin under your beard gets moisturized. Doing this 2x a day will help your beard grow in better and thicker and make sure you do not use bar soap because the ingredients in them will make your skin dry out more. Unless it specifically says that it is for beards. Another step you will want to do while trying to help grow your nice beard is make sure that you are giving the skin around the area a great scrub. It will help remove all the built-up dirt and dead skin cells. Having all this will prevent the hair from growing in full and thick. You could also get ingrown hairs from this.

You would never expect that your diet would make a big difference in growing a beard. And one of the biggest ingredients that can help promote hair growth is folic acid. Some of the foods that have folic acid in them are citrus fruits, beans and green leafy vegetables. Another thing that will help promote hair growth and prevent hair loss is biotin. Foods that have this are: Cauliflower, bananas, and liver. Other foods that will promote hair growth are: Potatoes, raisins, and beef. If you do not want to lose hair some foods that you should stay away from are: Dairy, carbonated drinks, cereals that are high in sugar and foods that are greasy. Reducing your intake of these foods should give you a better chance of growing a full beard.

Shaving Regularly, when doing this the hairs will end up growing back dark and thicker, which can help lead you to having a fuller beard. One thing to keep in mind is you could have ingrown hairs. To prevent this, make sure that you are moisturizing, and it does not have a lot of chemicals because it will dry out your skin. With these tips it will help you grow a beard even with a skin condition.

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