Combing Out The Luscious Beard

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When you finally grow out that healthy and luscious beard you got to make sure you are combing it properly. First thing you want to do when you wake up in the morning is combing out that beard.

  • You first start by holding your comb with the teeth facing towards the ceiling and brush your hair out.
  • Then you will want to start at your neckline and brush all the way out to your chin.
  • The reason you want to do this is because it separates all your hairs because it will make your beard look fluffier
  • One thing to make sure of, though, is if your comb hits a knotted spot, you want to take the comb out and try again.
  • When you take the brush make sure you brush it through the beard very slowly, so you do not take out chunks of hair.
  • Once you have the fluffiness you want, you can brush the rest of your beard either with your hand or a comb and then put it in whatever style you want.
  • Make sure you use that beard oil too, to make it soft and to hydrate the skin!

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