Cleaning Your Shaving Brush

While most men take great care of their razors to make sure they are sharp and clean. They almost always forget about their shaving brush. If you want to make sure your skin stays healthy you better keep that brush properly cleaned.

If you do not clean the brush properly bacteria can develop and will lead to skin problems. Because your skin has pores and if anything touches your face that is not clean bacteria will get into your pores in which then will cause you to get acne and any other unwanted issues. If you want your skin to stay healthy you might want to consider putting your shaving brush into a nice safe clean place so it can not develop bacteria.

When you do not clean your brush properly the build up from the shaving cream will make the bristles start to form together which means that your brush will not perform the proper duties it is intended to do and depending on the ingredients it can eat away at the bristles. If your brush has natural bristles it can get more damaged than synthetic ones.

How often you clean your brush will determine on how many times you shave in the month. But it is suggested that after you shave you run the brush under some warm water and use your fingers to get away any buildup. But when you do a deep clean, use warm water and white vinegar or even make up brush cleaner. Use one-part water and one-part vinegar and put it into a bowl. Then you will submerge the brush into the solution for about fifteen minutes after the fifteen minutes are up just run the brush under warm water to get rid of the white vinegar and any buildup.  

Staying on top of cleaning your shaving brush is crucial and failing to do so can leave you with unwanted skin issues and no one wants that.

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