Can Beard Oil Lose The Scent Over Time?

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People wonder if beard oil can lose their smell over time, the answer is simple. Yes, over a period of time, the fragrance will start losing the scent and especially if your beard care products are not formulated properly. Here are some of the reasons why your beard care products may be slowly losing their scents and what you can do to maybe prevent it from happening faster.

The ingredients will matter

It is important that you consider the ingredients from which the fragrances are from. Typically, most fragrances are divided into two different types, A) Natural and B) Synthetic. Synthetic usually last longer but men find that it irritates their skin more, so they usually go for a more natural fragrance. With natural fragrances with their essential oils and other natural scents it can fade within about 2 years give or take.

Do you close your products tightly when you finish using them?

Other things that could effect your favorite beard oil losing its scent is how you are storing your beard products and if you are closing the lids on them tightly because If not the fragrance molecule might evaporate into the air before you can finish using the product that you paid for.

Are the Beard Care Products you are using high quality

Whenever you are looking at a product whether it is for your face or even your car you want to make sure that it is a highly quality. Because if you buy cheap parts for your car, they might only last a few years. That is like buying cheap beard products because cheaper formulas will most likely not deliver a scent that is going to last a very long time.

The Containers are not good quality

With cheap containers there could be a small space that air is getting into which can cause the fragrance molecule to break down which will make the oil not last as long. So, it is recommended that you use a highly quality brand and container. It might cost more up front but will be cheaper in the long run because you will not have to go out and keep buying more beard oil because it keeps losing its scent.

Other Ingredients could be Eating at the Fragrances

Its been said that there could be other ingredients in the beard oil’s formula that will interfere with the fragrance molecule and it will cause it to break down and evaporate earlier than it should.

Your Product is past its expiration date

It could also be that your product just might be expired. Yes, even beard oil has an expiration date because the fragrance will fade over time. If it has gone past the expiration date it will have a little natural scent left so if you still want to use it just make sure that that you inspect it fully and that you can still use it on your skin. So, you do not make your skin irritated.

It might have bacteria

If your beard oil requires you to stick your finger in the bottle because it does not have a little dropper in it. Please wash your hands because the worse reason why the fragrance may have faded is because there could be bacteria in the product.

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